Faith at Home

Join us for Holy Week at Home

It’s a different Holy Week for us this year. Usually we would start by gathering for a joyful Palm Sunday Donkey Walk to Pritchard Park, then back to the sanctuary for palms and songs. We would gather again for a Maundy Thursday meal and communion, and a Good Friday service with special music. We’d have some kind of Easter gathering for children with eggs and probably some candy. We’d have Easter Sunday services with music and flowers and lots of hugs.

But not this year. Instead, we will be gathering more like the first disciples did, when they huddled in their homes, afraid of what was happening outside. But make no mistake: Easter is coming! Let’s figure out how to do Holy Week at home, and grow closer together with God, and with one another as we do.

Adults can find a guide for Holy Week with reflections from The Christian Century on our Scattered Church page of the FPCA website.

I’ll be sending out daily Holy Week at Home posts for families. They’ll be posted on the Coffee Talk Facebook page as well. There will be ideas for a daily Bible reading, all-ages activity ideas, prayer, and links for more if you want them. Look for a Palm Sunday post soon!

Want to get started now? Print out your own palm branches to color.

In the meantime, explore more ways to keep growing in faith on the other pages of the website. Godly Play. Ways to Grow in Faith. And Messages from our Faith Family.

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