Holy Week Monday at home

Holy Week Monday at Home.

Holy Week centerpiece: Add some hearts to your Holy Week centerpiece in the Prepare section, and write the names of people you are praying for this week. If you are just getting started with a centerpiece, find a spot to spread a cloth on a table. We will add something new each day this week.

Download the page below and use it to guide family faith activities today.

(Thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Athens, GA for these ideas.)

For those who want MORE.…Here’s another Holy Week at home page that includes a recipe, a workout, and even more to do.

Enjoy (or just rest………) Download it here for the links.

Download the craft resources page here, with the links.

Download Hands of Prayer Coloring Sheet

Download The Joy of the Lord coloring sheet

One more idea. I’m making an Easter Resurrection Garden this year. If you like to dig in the dirt, you might want to make one too. Keep it simple, and use your imagination, and whatever you have at home. Google “Resurrection Garden” for lots of inspiration! Here’s my plan:

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