Holy Week Maundy Thursday at home

Watch the Godly Play story of the Last Supper , and then wonder together.

Wonder together:

  • I wonder how it felt to be around this table and to hear Jesus say, “Take, eat, this is my body broken for you”?
  • I wonder what Jesus could really mean?
  • I wonder if you have ever been close to a table like this?
  • I wonder how it would feel to have Jesus wash your feet?
  • I wonder how we can love each other like that?

Participate in our Maundy Thursday service at home. It includes a simple service of hand washing, for all ages. Find it on our FPCA Scattered Church webpage.

Holy Week Thursday at Home. Download the page below and use it to guide family faith activities today.

Add a cup and plate and a small bowl of water to your Holy Week centerpiece in the Prepare section, as you remember how Jesus taught us to love one another today.

(Thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Athens, GA for these ideas.)

For those who want MORE.…Here’s another Holy Week at home page that includes a recipe, a workout, and even more to do.

Enjoy (or just rest………) Download it here for the links.

Download the craft resources here, with the links.

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