Arts Camp – June 28

These are activities for the first week of FPCA Arts Camp! To join our email list, and see info about other weeks, head to the Arts Camp Main Page.

June 28 – July 4

You – a child of God – are created to create! Learn, explore, and create with the ideas below.

A Gathering

Join our Sunday Arts Camp Zoom Gathering on June 28th at 3 pm!

This 30-minute gathering at the start of each week is designed for children and families, but all ages are welcome. Email Julie if you want the Zoom invite and password.

Watch our Welcome to Arts Camp video.

A Story – Creation

Story shared by permission from The Godly Play Foundation

Watch the story, then wonder about it using these questions:

  • I wonder what part of this creation story you like the best?
  • I wonder if you have a story to tell someone else about something in this story? What stories do you have about light, or water, or something green and growing? Maybe you have a story about the stars or the moon? Or about birds or fish, or animals?
  • I wonder what it means that you are made in the image of God?
  • I wonder what you will create today and this week as you think about this story?

Download your own Creation Story Coloring Cards. You can tell the story yourself, and share stories about creation with one another.

An Art Idea – Assemblage with Micki Argall

Watch Micki’s video then try some assemblage yourself! What can you find in YOUR kitchen to make a self-portrait?

Take a picture of your creation and send it to Julie here.

You can also upload to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #artscampfpca

Feeling inspired? Make an assemblage/self-portrait with other materials (not just in the kitchen.) What will you use?? Send us a photo of that one too!

Check out our ever-growing Arts Camp Gallery of your submitted creations! You can submit your photo there, or continue to email them!

A Family Activity: Hunt for the Colors of Creation

Download and print out a copy of the color wheel. (A black and white copy for you to color yourself is also included.)

Get outside and hunt for the colors of creation! What can you find in each color?

Place your items on the wheel and take a picture! Upload to Facebook or Instagram with #artscampfpca.

Bonus idea: What else can you create with the items you found? Send us a picture of that creation too!

Here’s one way to do this activity!

A Song

Jeremy has a song for us to learn: It’s Good!

It’s a song about how God created the world, and all of us, and it’s all good! Turn up the volume and sing along.

What does it make you want to create, (maybe with music) yourself….?

A Mission Project

Let’s help our friends at BeLoved Asheville have a creative summer too! We are making and donating Art Kits! Fill a gallon ziplock with the items listed, and drop it off at BeLoved. Be sure and add your own artwork or note that tells the recipient “You are loved!”

Take a picture of yourself making or dropping off your art kit, and send it to us so we can keep track of how we are loving our neighbors.

Questions? Ask Meagan!

A Picture Book

Here’s a reading from a beautiful picture book by Matthew Paul Turner, called When God Made You. The illustrations are by David Catrow.

Notice how the girl in the book CREATES!

Like her, YOU are created in the image of God. What will you create today, this week, this summer? Look back at the pictures in the book again and see what they make you feel like creating.

Great Links

Want more ways to get creative with our theme this week? Check out some of these ideas we spied online.

  • Join the flattened-curve-art-collective. What can you make out of this green line? (The line represents flattening the curve of covid-19.) Click the link to see more about this project on Instagram . Don’t forget to send us a picture of whatever you create!

Here’s another fun challenge. Make a BIG face (maybe your own self-portrait…) like these folks did, for an online challenge/contest in England. Send us those pictures or videos too!