Arts Camp – July 26

These are activities for the final week of FPCA Arts Camp! To see info about other weeks, head to the Arts Camp Main Page. See what we are creating in our Arts Camp Gallery, and share your own creations!

July 26 – August 1

You – a child of God – are created to create! Learn, explore, and create with the ideas below.

A Gathering

Join our Sunday Arts Camp Zoom Gathering on July 26th at 3 pm!

This 30-minute gathering is designed for children and families, but all ages are welcome. (We may break into two groups – adults and children.) Email Julie if you want the Zoom invite and password.

A Story – The Parable of the Great Pearl

Watch and listen to this story that Jesus told, shared by Ms. Claire using materials from one of our Godly Play rooms, then wonder about it. If you are watching as a family, take time to pause the video and share your wondering aloud with one another. If you are alone, maybe you want to write (or draw/color/sing) your thoughts. I wonder where you are in this parable? I wonder what you will create as you think about this parable?

An Art Idea – String Art with Charles Freeland

Watch our artist video below as Charles shows us some ideas for making art with something so small you can take it in your pocket! Imagine what you can draw with string! What can you do with a piece of string? Maybe you can draw something from the parable. Share it with us!

A Group Art Project – with Jane Vann

Here is a way for us all to work on an art project together – one that will last. Jane Vann, from our liturgical arts ministry, invites us to consider what we treasure, like the pearl of great price. Help us make something for our worship space that we can create together from pieces of fabric we treasure!

Download and print out your own Leaf Patterns. Choose some treasured fabric and cut out a leaf or two.

Send your leaves to Jane at the address at the end of the video (Jane Vann, FPCA 40 Church Street, Asheville, NC, 28801), or bring them to our closing CAR-nival on August 2nd.

A Song

Learn “More Precious Than Silver” from Jeremy.

A Family Activity – Join us for a CAR-nival!

Join us next Sunday afternoon, August 2, for a CAR-nival celebration for the end of Arts Camp. Here’s what you can do if you drive through:

  • Decorate your car – anyway you want – do it up big, or just make a poster – whatever you like.
  • Drive through and drop off donations for BeLoved (see list below)
  • Throw some water balloons at staff. Jeremy, Julie and Meagan are so glad you have been part of our summer, we want to see you, wave at you, and let you throw water balloons at us…..
  • Make some chalk art. We’ll have a place for you to add your own touches to communal chalk art, and you can take home the chalk.
  • Drop off your fabric leaves from Jane Vann’s art project, if you have them.
  • Grab a yummy treat.
  • If you want to pull over and wave at more friends as they drive by, we will have designated spots for that.

A Mission Project

Let’s make a difference for our neighbors in Asheville.

Drop off your supplies at BeLoved yourself, or bring them to our Car-nival on Sunday August 2, and we will deliver them for you!

Our suggested art kit includes in a ziploc bag: markers, crayons, glue, scissors, construction paper, and a note saying “you are loved.”

What can you donate besides art supplies? See the list in the picture.

Let’s serve our neighbors!

Great Links

More string art, and a bit about pearls, plus a retro string game. (Bonus points if you know why it’s called Jacob’s ladder….)