Lent Faith at Home

Something to Do – Godly Play

Use the materials in your Godly Play at Home Lent kit to explore stories of God at home.

Find everything you need in your kit!

Find the Lenten videos here.

Some Ways to Pray

In your Faith at Home kit is a booklet of Lenten Micropractices. These are small spiritual practices to try each day during Lent. Keep the booklet in a place where you and your child can look at it each day. Breakfast time would be great!

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Click below to download another copy of the guide.

Want more ways to pray? Find ideas ranging from short easy ones, to longer ones, for each week of Lent here: Playlists for Lent at Home

Something to Read

Here are some stories you might want to read during Lent from your Growing in God’s Love Story Bible. Most of these go along with the preaching texts for the day.

  • 2/21: Healings and Miracles p. 249
  • 2/28: Jesus Chooses Twelve Disciples p. 240
  • 3/7: Jesus Heals a Woman and a Girl p. 252
  • 3/14: Mary and Martha p. 232
  • 3/21: Who Was Invited? Who Came? p. 222
  • 3/28: Jesus Visits Jerusalem p.270
  • 4/1: (Maundy Thursday) A Passover Meal p. 272
  • 4/2: (Good Friday) Jesus Dies p. 274
  • 4/4: Women at the Tomb p. 276 and Memory and Surprise p. 280
  • 4/11: Thomas Wants to See p. 278

Something to Explore – Lent Gardens!

This Lent we will share an online interactive Lent Garden each week, created by friends in Foothills Presbytery (SC) and the Presbyterian Church of Canada. You and your child can explore Bible stories, music, crafts, and much more, together. Check back each Sunday in Lent for a new one.

This is the Interactive Slide for the end of Holy Week – Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday.