Holy Week Saturday at home

EASTER SCAVENGER HUNT: Join us today for an Easter Family Scavenger Hunt at 11 am for parents and children. We will gather online to hear the story of Easter. Children will go hunting for items in their homes to help us remember and retell the story. Find the link in your email or the Coffee Talk Facebook group.

HOLY WEEK WALK: Walk through the events of this holy week with this telling from our friends at First Presbyterian Church in Dallas. You might want to listen while you take a walk around your neighborhood. There are a few pictures, but mostly scripture and sound, and this would make a lovely prayer walk for Saturday.

Holy Week Saturday at Home. Download the page below and use it to guide family faith activities today.

Add a small stone to your Holy Week centerpiece in the Prepare section, as you remember the tomb that was closed up with the body of Jesus inside.

(Thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Athens, GA for these ideas.)

For those who want MORE.…Here’s another Holy Week at home page that includes a recipe, a workout, and even more to do.

Enjoy (or just rest………)

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